The Northern California Center for Facial Pain and Headaches

Denielle C. Medynski, DMD, is a general dentist and holds an advanced training certificate from a two-year orofacial pain program. Her practice is limited to the diagnosis and management of orofacial pains.  The field of orofacial pain consists of pain in the head and neck that could be related, but not limited to: TMJ disorders, nerve pain, muscle pain, headaches, or sleep disorders related to orofacial pain.  

Our Vision:

We are strongly committed to listening to our patients, focusing on the details of their history, and designing treatment plans in an organized and logical approach to yield the most effective pain reduction and pain management protocols for our patients. We strive to include all other appropriate fields to treat our patients as a whole. We seek to understand our patients’ life journeys and the impact their pain has had on their life physically, emotionally, and socially. We hope to develop a relationship of understanding and empathy with our patients so that together we may move forward to achieving a better quality of life.

Our treatment options are based on the combination of a thorough medical history, the history of pain complaint, and the information obtained from the current findings (through the office examination, images, and/or diagnostic tests). We then create a treatment plan that is in accordance with the standard of care that, whenever possible, can be supported by evidence found in reputable medical, dental, and science journals. After reviewing the available options, the treatment plan is then tailored to meet the patient’s individual wants, needs, and comfort level.

We are available for office consults and service the Northern California area at 1399 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Suite 11B, Walnut Creek, CA by appointment only. Call us at The Northern California Center for Facial Pain and Headaches Phone Number 707.225.7338.