First Visit –  What to expect:

Expect to be at our office for 2-3 hours.  We take pride in the amount of time we spend with you.  Feel free to bring food and drink with you.  Some appointments may be shorter, however keep in mind that if you have had pain for a long time, visiting multiple doctors and trying different therapies, it will take time to thoroughly review your history.

The following is a detailed account of what to expect during your first visit.  Subsequent follow-up visits, if needed, typically take an hour.

  1. History of:
    • Pain complaint
    • Medications currently taking
    • Medications you’ve tried for this pain complaint in the past (names, amounts, length of time taken, and any positive or negative effects would be extremely helpful)
    • Therapies you’ve tried for this pain complaint
  2. Clinical examination: 
    • Cranial nerve examination
    • Head and neck muscle evaluation
    • TMJ evaluation
    • Dental examination
    • Review of imaging and/or other reports
  3. Diagnostic tests if warranted by the findings in the history or examination.  This may include muscle injections (trigger point injections), intra-oral or extra-oral nerve blocks, and topical anaesthetic.
  4. Review of findings consisting of:
    • Tentative diagnoses
    • What has been ruled out and why
    • Appropriate referrals if indicated
    • Management options with a sequenced treatment plan and future follow-up recommendations
  5. Time for your questions and concerns